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See into the future of your market

A Hotelligence360® solution



Gain insights into your historical and future performance compared to your competitive set, by segment and channel, with Demand360, the most comprehensive forward-looking product in the hospitality space. See the complete picture of all booking channels, from global distribution systems and online travel agents to brand websites and hotel direct reservations. Use this exclusive information to develop strategies that maximize RevPAR. Reconsider pricing and positioning for underperforming segments. Drive business to higher-rated segments and lower-cost channels.

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Main Features

365-day forward view

See how your hotel and your competitive set are pacing by segment and acquisition channel

Competitive set data

View actual day-by-day forward-looking competitive set occupancy, ADR and RevPAR rank

Data integration

Side-by-side integration of Demand360, Rate360 and Agency360 data

Innovative and supportive features

Intuitive user interface, Excel-based reports and emailed occupancy alerts

How this benefits your hotel

  • Proactively identify future need periods and create a strategy to impact them
  • Build a keen understanding of your competitive set business mix to ensure you’re making the most of your hotel’s pricing strategy
  • Quote groups with confidence by using forward-looking group demand data for your competitive set

3 Easy Ways to Drive Results ​with Demand360

View our webinar where we show how to drive results ​with Demand360 and quickly see higher RevPAR results!

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More than 25,000 hotels globally – including major chains, small groups and influential independents – are participating ​Demand data providers.

Demand360 breakdown

Actionable Data

​​Demand360 allows you to see both historic and forward-looking data from all booking channels.


Web, CRS, Direct, GDS and OTA reservations as well as, Expedia, Hotwire, Orbitz and Priceline.


Data segmented into group and transient as well as retail, discount negotiated, wholesale and qualified rate.

Confidently Price Groups


A group has requested a rate. In Demand360, see that the competitive set has strong group business on those dates.


Quote a higher ADR for this group, since the competitive set will likely not take the business.

Demand360 Price Groups

NEW: Alternative Accommodations Solution

For the first time, gain even deeper insight into your entire competitive market by integrating the rapidly expanding world of alternative accommodations, or short-term rentals, in your Business Intelligence suite. This new dashboard solution enables you to:

  • Analyze and understand the alternative accommodations competition in your area with access to 27 million listings worldwide, updated on a daily basis.
  • Optimize your occupancy and rates by reviewing forward-looking availability, rates, and pick up of local alternative accommodations, keeping your guest rooms full.

Available for Rate360® and Demand360® subscriptions.

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