iHotelier Booking Engine 4.0​ | Convert guests with seamless CRS


Maximize direct bookings and recapture abandoned guests

iHotelier Booking Engine 4.0​

Drive more direct bookings with iHotelier Booking Engine 4.0, delivering a simple, intuitive and responsive user experience across all devices. Guide guests through the booking path with interactive message displays and clear calls to action. Engage guests with targeted merchandising of add-on services and upgrades. Bring back users who have abandoned the booking process with an inviting recapture and re-engagement experience that makes it easy for returning guests to complete the booking process.


Main Features

A single-page application

Engaging a growing “mobile-first” audience

Responsive design

Optimizing user experience across devices

Interactive guidance bar

Moving users seamlessly through the booking path

Social-proof and urgency messaging

Driving users toward a purchase decision

Fully integrated high-definition video, enlarged images and iconography

Compelling users to book

Easy checkout with credit card image capture ​

Reducing barriers to conversion on mobile devices

Unique Room Hold functionality

Bringing users back to the direct channel to recapture lost revenue opportunities

How this benefits your hotel

  • Increased direct bookings
  • Heightened guest spend
  • Upsell and cross-sell opportunities that encourage guests to upgrade and extend their stays
  • Recaptured revenue from guests who have abandoned the booking process


Hotels that have migrated to
​iHotelier Booking Engine 4.0 have realized on average:

iHotelier Booking Engine

Direct Booking Increase

23% increase in direct bookings overall

Mobile Bookings Up

155% increase in mobile bookings – more than doubling mobile conversion rates

mobile 155 percent

17 percent

Return Visits

17% recaptured bookings through our unique Room Hold functionality

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