Optimize your use of digital media while maintaining rate parity

Media Suite

Achieve the most profitable direct bookings and highest possible Return-On-Ad-Spend (ROAS) through your media programs with a combination of full-service media management and rate data. TravelClick’s Media Suite unites our Single Media Subscription with our industry-leading rate-shopping tool Rate360® for a single powerful solution. Monitor your hotel’s performance with online travel agencies and maximize revenue generated through paid search, metasearch and display media. Minimize downtime to troubleshoot rate parity concerns.


Main Features

Dedicated media campaign manager

Monitoring your rate parity and optimizing campaigns

Holistic cross-channel optimization

Combining full-service media management with rate data

Monthly performance reporting

Providing valuable data to make critical business decisions

How this benefits your hotel

  • Increases in conversion rates, direct bookings, net revenue and ROAS
  • Adjust your media plan to reflect shifts in market demand and your market position
  • Option to add promotions during need periods

Bar Graph

More Bookings

Hotels that subscribe to Rate360 and are in rate parity generate 23% more bookings than hotels out of rate parity.


More than 1.2 million media-driven bookings are made each year.

1.2 Million Bookings